About Us

Grosvenor Place Guest House is one of only two Guest Houses remaining within the City Walls. Our central location means that we are ideally suited for the holidaymaker and business traveller alike.
Walk out of our front door and you are directly in the City Centre. No need for taxis or buses to get you around.
The walls, the racecourse, the river and the famous  rows are all just a short walk away.




Q: We have looked at the pictures, is this Guest House more of a boutique hotel?

A: We are not a boutique hotel, we are a 3 star guest house. We do not wish anyone to confuse our guest house with much grander Chester establishments. As mentioned, the building is an historic, city centre Georgian town house. This means that it is a tall and narrow structure, the rooms are not huge but of course are adequate in size with every room having a small en-suite bathroom which includes a toilet, sink and shower.


Q: Is there parking available nearby?


A: Parking outside the Guest House is subject to availability, please call us on 01244 324455 for details. There are plenty of alternatives available for parking, we normally suggest that you to come to the guest house first so that we can advise you, depending on your individual circumstances.


Q: Do we have to check in between 3pm and 7pm?

A: We cannot guarantee earlier check in as we need to clean the rooms and prepare the Guest House. You can however drop off your bags earlier if you wish and return to check in later. Please be patient when ringing the door bell as we may be working at the top of the house. Self check in is available to those guests who wish to check in after 7pm. We will send you a code to get in the front door and the details of your room number etc to your mobile phone. Please ensure that we have your correct number including any country code. Alternatively, call us on the day of your arrival and we will give it to you.


Q: Do you offer breakfast?

A: We do not offer breakfast, however there are plenty of options only a 3 minute walk away from the Guest House. The local cafés are open from 8am for breakfast and we'll happily give you recommendations when you check in.


Q: With the hotel being situated in Chester City Centre are the rooms noisy?

A: All our rooms are double or triple glazed. Grosvenor Place is a small residential cul-de sac tucked away behind Grosvenor Street. With the windows closed traffic noise is very minimal.


Q: Are you really situated in the city centre of Chester?


A: Yes. We are now one of only two guest houses within the famous roman walls of Chester. Most other guest houses are situated in various locations surrounding the City centre requiring you to take a taxi or bus. If you choose to book your stay with us you are literally 3 minutes from where the famous and unique "rows" begin, where thousands of visitors come to Chester for all year round to do their shopping. You will also discover how close we are to Chester's main nightlife. You are equally only as far from a peaceful stroll alongside the River Dee.


Q: Is there Wi-Fi?


A: Yes we have internet, that can be easily accessed throughout the Guest House. The best thing..... it's FREE!


Q: Are there ironing facilities?


A: Yes, just let us know when you're here and we will bring an iron with ironing board to your room.

Q: Is there a guest lounge?


A: No there is no guest lounge here at Grosvenor Place Guest House, however you will find everything you need in your room to relax.

Q: What exactly can I expect to find in my room?


A: Your en-suite room is complete with a shower, a bed with a comfy mattress and pillows, a widescreen TV, a well-stocked Tea and Coffee tray with a supply of biscuits. All are refreshed and topped up daily. You will find milk portions, decaf coffee, Fair-trade coffee, tea and sachets of sugar. The biscuits are a mixed treat of bourbons, ginger nuts and so on. You will also find a guide to the guesthouse and its surroundings, a small hairdryer and in the bathroom shower gels/shampoos. Recently we have added a small fridge to each room which enables us to supply you with fresh milk. You can also chill any bottles you may have.


Q: Are the towels changed every day if I stay for multiple days?

A: Not as a rule. We change the bathmats every day and will change the towels if they are left in the shower or if they are very wet to the touch. We will of course change them at your request also.

Q: Is there a 24 hour reception?


A: No, there will always be a member of staff on site overnight and we have listed the reception times previously. In an emergency simply ring the guesthouse telephone number on 01244 324455.


Q: How do I get to the Guesthouse?

A: It will depend on how you are travelling;
For the Satnav: 
House Number - 2
Postcode - CH1 2DE


A taxi from the Chester Train Station will cost you around £5.00, there should be plenty of taxi's there in the taxi rank but if not call King Kabs on 01244 343434.


For Bus Services click here


Other Important Information

Payment can be made by cash or we accept all major bank cards. 

All rooms are strictly non-smoking.
An access statement is available on request.